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The Borough of Roosevelt was established as Jersey Homesteads by an act of the NJ Legislature on May 29, 1937. As part of President Roosevelt's New Deal, the town was home to a cooperative farming and manufacturing project that was created to help residents in NY and Philadelphia escape the poverty of the Great Depression. Two hundred homes were constructed of cinder block walls and concrete roofs in the Bauhaus style of architecture.

1936 Roosevelt Volunteer Fire Company was founded by Irving Plungian who would be chief until 1938.

1937 Augusta "Gus" Chasen joined the fire company, and at that time was thought to be the first female fire fighter in New Jersey.
1938 Boris Drasin elected as Fire Chief.
1940 Nat Narod elected as Fire Chief.
1940 Mark Klatskin moved to Roosevelt with his family[1] fand joined the Fire Company. Using his skills as a military fireman at Fort Dix, he took over training responsibilities of the small company. He was able to acquire a surplus Chevy 4X4 Class 325[2] fire truck after the war, and continued to acquire donated equipment until the fire company was fully trained and functioning effectively.
1942 Mark Klatskin elected as Fire Chief.    
1948 Klatskin founded the Roosevelt First Aid Squad, which operated as a part of the fire company. Mark Klatskin drilling with the Roosevelt Volunteer Fire Company.
1959 Klatskin remained chief of the Fire Company and Captain of the First Aid Squad until his death in 1959.
1965 Nathan Richter elected fire chief.[3]  
1967 Tony Maldera elected as Fire Chief.[4]  
1967 Roosevelt purchases a new firetruck replace thier 1939 Mack Engine[5], which was then sold for $500[6].  
1968 Howard Grudin elected as Fire Chief.[7]  
1969 Roosevelt purchases a 1949 Ward La France 700 Series Fire Engine from Pitman Fire Company #1 for $2,400.[8]
1970 Leon Vassuer Jr. elected as Fire Chief.[9]  
1971 William Jelenick was elected as Fire Chief.[10]  
1977 Kenny Narod elected as Fire Chief.[11]
1977 The building built by Klatskin[12], which had been the shared garage of the Fire Company and First Aid Squad for the last 30 years, underwent extensive renovations. A community room and offices were added, creating the new home of the Roosevelt Borough Hall[13].
1978 John Blair was elected as Fire Chief.[14] October 17, 1984: Chief Jimmy Carbin (Millstone), Chief Steve Yeger, and Jack Rindt on the scene at a gas main leak on Rochdale Ave.
1979 Joe Maldera was elected as Fire Chief.[15]
1980 A new municipal garage was built next to the Borough Hall[16] which will become the future home of the Fire Department.
1981 James Manzi elected Fire Chief.[17]
1982 1960 FWD is purchased from Freehold Fire Department.[18]
1983 Steve Yeger was voted in as chief[19] and began what would be a long standing relationship between the Roosevelt Volunteer Fire Company and neighboring Millstone Township (Clarksburg) Fire Department.
1985 Pat Archambo was elected as Fire Chief.[20]  
1986 W. Kim Dexheimer elected as Fire Chief.[21]
1994 The Fire Company's operations were moved into the two bays of the municipal garage, allowing both the First Aid Squad and the Fire Company to have two bays each to store their trucks and equipment.
1996 Agreement was signed with Bordentown Fire Department to purchase their 1974 Mack engine. After several months of discussions, it was determined that the cost to expand the firehouse garage door would not be approved, and furthermore the Council stated that the "Fire Department had too few members to answer calls so it did not need a reliable fire truck". Much to the disappointment of the remaining members of the fire company, the agreement with Bordentown was rescinded and the purchase was cancelled.[22]
1997 1970 Mack and a 1972 Dodge Mini pumper purchased for $16,000 from Freehold Borough.[23]
1999 1960 FWD sold at private sale to John Piazza for $2,150[23] on October 5.[25]  
2006 Four new members graduate Monmouth County Fire Academy. [Read Article][26] 
2011 Cheesequake Volunteer Fire Company donates Ford Expedition to Roosevelt Volunteer Fire Company.
2013 Dan Archer elected as Fire Chief.[27] 
2016 Dan Archer resigns as Chief. Borough Council appoints Chris Suk as Chief. 

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